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A unique perspective can lead to a new way of thinking that results in resilience and increased energy.

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When faced with adversity, it's most 

beneficial to look at it from a rare


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Resilience and increased energy leads to quicker results and production of goals!

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Having earned what she calls a Bachelor's in Perspective Training through her daughter's 3 year bout with leukemia, acquiring her Master's after the teen's passing and her Doctorate in what life's presented since, Denise inspires audiences of every demographic with unique perspective training programs. She shifts perceptions and increases energy through Taylor'd keynotes, workshops, and retreats, as well as team and individual sessions.

Always thought provoking and motivating, you're conference, workplace, classrooms and athletic teams are guaranteed to be inspired by the                           Programs.

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Inspirational Speaker - Perspective Trainer - Author

Denise Taylor

A Mother's Journey. A Daughter's Legacy.

Anyone who wants to infuse today with greater faith, purpose and meaning will consume this title from the start of this lovely book to the final riveting and inspirational pages. ~ R Reese

This is a must read for everyone, man, woman and young adult! It's made me realize all of the things in life that I GET to do!! If there is one thing you GET to do, it's read this book. It will forever change your life and the way you view it!! ! ~ J.H.

I just couldn't put this book down. The message is amazingly uplifting and encouraging. – N Kadolph

Where the Perspective Training Began.

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"There is nothing we 'have' to do. Everything is a life experience we GET to have. Like a surprise party, people we wouldn't have invited will show up and we'll be given much we didn't ask for. Say "Thank You!" anyway and make the most of it.

Denise Taylor

Free Perspective Training

With a strong desire to increase health and happiness worldwide, Denise is developing a variety of freebies and fun content to support perspective training. One doesn't become TUFF overnight. One doesn't stay TUFF without tenacious training. Join the training team. It's FREE!

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